Monday, June 20, 2011

Sorry I'm late

I think I say that too much. I should work on that. 
AnyWHAYS. Back to business. 
Yesterday was Father's Day and I couldn't let the opportunity to talk about how great of a dad I have been blessed with pass me by!

Some people may or may not know the story of how my dad came to be my dad! When I was born, I was not a Jones. I was a Cochran! After my sister Katelyn was born and I was about 3 years old, our parents divorced. About a year or so later (I think. I was young so I don't really remember it all) my mom met Shawn (my dad) and they were engaged to be married! I remember that I LOVED it whenever he came over to see us. He was always so much fun to play with and he would always tease me! He would take us out to do fun stuff and I always thought it was so cool to ride in his truck. 

I remember being so excited the day he married my mom. My mom, Katelyn, and I had one last sleepover together in the family room and I remember waking up and calling him in the morning and saying,"Good morning Daddy!!" we were so excited to have him in our family! (even though he wasn't technically our dad)

Ok, so long story short (or is it already long? I'm sorry) after my parents were married and I think maybe even before (according to what my dad has told me) he knew that he wanted to become mine and Katelyn's actual father because he loved us so much. He wanted us to have his own last name and he wanted us to be his for eternity. My mom thought that it would be impossible to get my biological father to go along with this but she prayed, fasted, and prayed some more!

On June 9, 2011, I was adopted and legally became Kortney Anne Jones! Such a happy day! 

I'm so blessed to be in the family that I am in. I love them with all of my heart. They help me in so many ways. I love my dad so much. He is one of my very best friends. I love sitting down and having conversations with him. He teaches me so much and he has the greatest testimony that he not only believes, but lives. He is such a great example of selfless service and I try to be more patient and easy-going as he is every day. My life would be very different if I had not been adopted by my dad and I thank my Heavenly Father for bringing him into my life. I have had so many great opportunities and met so many incredible people that I wouldn't have otherwise. My dad works so hard for my family and I am so thankful for that. I love that my dad still likes to play and have fun. We have the best time when he is around.
To wrap things up, my dad's the greatest!!


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