Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Missionary Update + Pictures

Elder Wilde is doing AWESOME!! He has already been gone for 5 weeks! Can you believe that?? I sure can't! It is seriously FLYING by and I LOVE it!! He absolutely loves his district and he is learning so much! I love his letters. He is still the same silly, funny boy and I just laugh the whole time I am reading them! I am so proud of him! 
Here are some pics he sent me this week along with the notes he wrote on the back. 
The Snow Canyon Buddies
Haha this is a good one!
So I took a break. Made a tower with my flashcards haha
Just . . . don't mess haha.  Me, Fausett, Boice
MMMM! Elder Boice, Me, and Fausett LOVING life
Air surfing . . . yeah we're about to go pro
Me and Elder Fausett just chillin!
Me and Elder Fausett
Elder Tillman Dick? (I cannot read his handwriting most of the time haha) -honestly the craziest, weirdest person I've ever met haha.

 As you can see, he is having the greatest time! He and Elder Fausett (it's so weird to hear him refer to him as that instead of Brody) are becoming the best of friends out there. Along with Elder Boice. I miss this boy but there is NO other place I would rather have him be!!

I love you Elder Wilde!


  1. pictures already? haha sam is a crack up. love it!

  2. Is it weird having a missionary? It looks so fun though! He looks like he's doing great. :)

  3. Oh! I love that picture of all the snow canyon boys!