Thursday, January 13, 2011

I got my Soul back

Ok I have a lesson to tell you all. But first I need to tell you a story. . .

Once upon a time there were two girls. These girls were roommates in college. They had heard many rumors about the "freshman fifteen" and were determined to prevent that from happening to their bodies. So they decided to buy gym passes from their school. They knew it wasn't the nicest gym but it was close by and it would motivate them to get in shape. After purchasing these passes, the girls walked down the hall and were stopped by a VERY short boy advertising for Gold's Gym. He told the girls about all the money they would save by buying a pass from him that day and all the ways the gym would enrich their lives. These girls were so dazzled by what this boy had to tell them that they couldn't wait to sign up! They immediately went back to the cashiers office to get a refund for their school gym pass. Then they raced to the PE building to get it authorized. After that they were on their way to become members of something wonderful. After they signed about a billion forms, they were handed their key chain cards and told to enjoy their 24 month pass. 

"24 MONTHS???!!" the girls exclaimed, "We thought it was for a semester!!" 

The girls were so upset and they didn't know what to do. They went home and consulted their parents because they felt awful. One even confessed that she felt like she had "sold her soul to the devil". The next day they went back to cancel their membership at Gold's Gym. 
It was a very long and confusing process, but they eventually got it all taken care of and re-purchased the school's gym pass.

And they lived happily ever after and never again complained that the school gym was "ghetto".


Well in case you were wondering, YES. The two girls in that story were in fact Paige Ovard and myself. We are very foolish at times. But we learned a valuable lesson from this whole experience! Gold's Gym is like Satan. He tries to lure us in with desirable temptations (discounts and rockin' bods) and then after all the sparkle has worn off, leaves you feeling trapped. However, with a lot of hard work, you can over come your bad decision and be as happy as can be!

Oh and when I said that boy was short. I meant like shorter than I am.
I'm serious.

Here's to being responsible with my decisions and actually reading things before I sign them.


  1. hahahahahaha i love you. Yes he was VERYYYYY short and he was SATAN!! I'm so glad you got your soul back. And who says the school gym is bad?? I'm pretty sure we ran into some hotties :) haha. seriously though.

  2. haha kort you're hilarious. i love this.