Sunday, January 16, 2011

We're Bossy

I'm a little late posting this but better late than never, right?? 

For Christmas break we had a WHOLE MONTH off. That's a long time!! Sam and I came up with a few things we wanted to accomplish over the break. One of those things was to bake and decorate a cake with fondant. Sounds easy right? 


We started out with baking the cakes. I thought they were going to turn out beautiful but they rose so much in the middle they looked like little mountains!! I was seriously laughing so hard when I first went to check on them. After we froze them in the oven for a day, Sam used his big muscles to cut them down until they were level. He's so strong!! 

Next we had to stack the cakes and cover them in buttercream frosting. I did the bottom tier and Samuel did the top. His looked amazing and I'm not even joking. He's such a natural at everything and puts me to shame in the kitchen! Then we had to decide on the color of fondant we were going to use. We went back and forth with a few different ideas and finally decided what we were going to do. Next came the fun part. Making the fondant. It was EVERYWHERE!! It was so sticky and took so long to get the right consistency. We couldn't really get the colors to turn out perfect either! Finally we got it all rolled out and put onto the cakes. Sam's of course looked a billion times better than mine. 

After the cakes were covered it was time to decorate!! We came up with a few strategies to make it look perfectly even but of course none of that turned out. Oh and I should probably tell you that by this point in our cake making process we had already been going for like 6 hours. We were SO TIRED!! 

The kitchen was a mess and so were we!! My mom thought we were mad at each other because we were so tired of that cake!! We couldn't come up with a good combo for our third color so it kinda looked funny but we didn't care. We just wanted to finish!! We decided we were going to decorate it for New Years so all of our friends could see how big of bosses we are when it comes to cake making. 
We also love New Years because it was the first time we ever kissed!! So sweet huh?? ;) 

Even though we were so sick of the cake we had a great New Years!! Hopefully 2011 will treat us all as good as 2010 did!!

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