Sunday, November 7, 2010


Why is Halloween so fun?! I love looking at everyones decorations and costumes and also trying to create my own. This year was no exception. Here's a look at what we did!!

FIRST. . . we carved PUMPKINS!

He's a dork, but I still like him a lot :)

Kate and Cody. Their pumpkin was AMAZING.

Robby and Kylee

Kelsey, Tyler and Kylee 

Oh boy, look at that concentration.

Our Jacob pumpkin. It turned out soooo good!

Sam made this super yummy cake for everybody! And he decorated it all by himself!!

THEN. . . we went to THRILLER!! (not the same night ha)

Haleigh, Paige, and Terin. We all had so much fun and froze our little bums off!

and LAST (but not least) . . . we went to THE HOWL!

Paige was a cute little cave woman, Haleigh was Alice in Wonderland and she looked adorable. And I was a geek. Ha

Gettin our suspenders on to keep our pants up!

The Howl was pretty cool!! They had lots of things going on around the entire student center building. We watch a lot of people get hypnotized and it was HILARIOUS! We also danced below some crazy, cool acrobats with a bunch of our friends and had a great time! I was also exposed to a TON of half naked people all night. BLEH. Other than being super grossed out and way tired by the end of the night, it was A BLAST!


Haha we decided these costumes were way too attractive to wear to The Howl.
I know it's a week late but I hope everyone had a
Happy Halloween!!

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