Monday, February 7, 2011

PENALTY: Excessive Partying

K Cedar City can be preeeeetty boring. Last semester I think I stayed up here for like 2 weekends total. Sad I know but there is not much to do up here in the "woods". Especially when it's so cold all the time! I HATE the cold. With a passion. AnyWHAYS. We actually had some fun this weekend!!

Saturday Morning (well actually like noon. We slept in) Sam made Paige and I some really tasty muffins! No pics for this because we were too crusty. We were all chillin over there for a long time being lazy bums and then we decided to have a Superbowl party the next day! After planning all that out we went home to get ready for our picnic because it was such a "warm", lovely day.

4:00 pm we had our picnic! We drove out to this field and plopped Sam's blanket Power and Strength on the grass. After about 5 minutes and eating half of our meals, we were FREEZING!! So we packed up and left. Yeah we're so tough. Don't laugh at my pictures either haha I'm not a photographer.

Then we decided to relocate in Sam and Cody's living room. It was much more lovely and we got to enjoy our YUMMY food!! 

After our great picnic, Paige decided to be a photographer and took tons of pictures of me and Sam. Haha it was a lot of fun and we were laughing so hard. Here's some of her best ones. She really knows how to work that camera! Don't we look so cute in these?? ;) 

Then I took this one of Sam. Dang he is GOOOOOOOD lookin!! :)

Later that night we all went to the basketball game! SUU barely lost at the end dang it all! But we still had some fun because the crazy coach from the other team was a flippin psychopath!! He was SCREAMING his head off the entire game. Like at the other coaches and everything. I was dying and we were right behind him. The towel boy even turned around and laughed at him a few times!!

Then Sunday was our crazy Superbowl party!! And when I say crazy I mean CARAZAY!! We set out all the food and Sam started making our hamburgers . . . 

(Gosh he's so cute!)

Anyways, he did that while we were all just chillin and eating our super delicious 7 layer dip that we made all by ourselves!! I don't even like 7 layer dip usually but I LOVED it. We ate tons of it.

After the hamburgers were done cooking, it was time to eat and watch the game! Oh yeah I forgot to tell you that our "party" consisted of Sam, Paige, Cody and Myself. Haha we're too cool! Here's the party people with our feast of our food we prepared for just the four of us.

I was so full from the dip that I could barely eat anything when it was time to actually enjoy our meal! Sam, on the other hand, was just getting started. He's a big boy, you know.

After we were done eating we just watched the game. Fergie made me want to shoot my ears off at half-time but other than that it was pretty good. I was hoping the Steelers would come back and win it but I honestly did not care who won. (I never do to be honest) But during one of the commercials I about died. The new episode of Glee after the Superbowl?? Paige and I screamed. You have no idea how much I have missed all my friends from the New Directions. And how long I had been waiting for that day to come. And man did I love being reunited with them again. It was too good. And that's not even the best part . . .

TWO episodes of Glee in ONE week???
Pinch me.

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