Thursday, March 31, 2011

Day 13 - A picture of something you hate

I HATE going on dates with Paige to the movies when we are the only ones in the ENTIRE stadium. Not just our movie, the ENTIRE place.

I absolutely HATE when Paige and I make the exact same comment at the exact same time during movies and then look at each other and laugh our heads off. HATE IT!!!

I also HATE eating yummy food at Chili's and getting a free dessert for Paige's birthday. Eww it's just the WORST!! 

Oh and you know what I hate the most?? When our waiter runs out of the restaurant (does that word look weird to anyone else? it took me 4 tries to figure out how to spell it haha) waving us down and I think it's weird he's waving bye to us but I wave back anyways because that's really nice of him. Then I realize he wants us to stop because Paige forgot her debit card on the table. We laughed so hard at how dumb I am. I HATE THAT!!!

Ok I really don't hate any of these things. . . 

But what I DO hate is that I left my memory card in my computer in St. George so I couldn't take any pictures of my date with my gurrrrl Paige!! Love you Paige!!
P.S. That pizza looks good

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  1. hahaha such a fun day. i love you too kort-knee! don't you just HATE when we find huge hairballs and wrap them up for our friends as presents?? yummy :)