Saturday, March 12, 2011


Paige and I have been little tricksters lately. We're currently having a little war with our friends Tyson and Forrest.

I'll catch you up on what's been going on. . . 

A few days ago (Wednesday) they were playing some basketball outside of their apartment when we came home from the gym and we kept driving by with all the windows down blasting Fergalicious.  They threw snow inside my car and we tried to pour water on them but they broke our pitcher ha.

Then the next day (Thursday) we stole their basketball and they locked us out of our house. When we finally got in, we were locked out of our room! They left us with a lot of cute pictures (like I said the other day) and they stole our couch cover and one of our kitchen stools!

So we came up with a plan to get them back. . .

It was PERFECT! Tons of people kept walking by and thought we were freaks but it was hilarious. When we went back the next day after class, their beds were right inside the front room haha.
Now we're waiting for them to get us back and it's made us PARANOID.
It won't be pretty.

(To get another point of view on the story, click HERE)

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