Thursday, March 17, 2011

The nable of this post is The Craps

Last night was such a weird/random and fun night!! At first I was with my girls Maddi, Tori and Jenna. We were really bored so we doorbell ditched a few friends and hid behind my car across the street. The first time didn't work out so well because we jumped IN my car and the lights were still on when the people opened their door haha so they totally saw us. 
This is kinda like what we left our little friends on their doorsteps. 

(Ours weren't boulders but you get it)

After we were done with that, we wanted to dress up like leprechauns and hand out gold coins to some peeps but leprechaun costumes are not easy to find. So Maddi, Tori and I settled with grandma, clown, and creepy French man. 

We went to Lins to get some ice cream but first we walked around a little bit inside the store. Then when we got to the ice cream nobody wanted any! It was ok though because everyone loved our outfits.

Tori's such a creeper haha

After Lins, the real fun began. Tori talked to Reggie on the phone and he said he was going to Frost Top. So of course we went out there to find him and any other friends that would be there. When we got there it was CLOSED. So we called Reggie again and he said he went to Iceberg instead. People gave us really weird looks but it was way fun. And then all these boys totally wanted their pictures with us. They kept begging us so we had to let them. 

After we left they were still outside so we sang them some Colbie Callait and danced a little bit until my osteoporosis started to flare up haha. It was seriously so much fun. I haven't laughed that hard in the longest time! So thanks for the memories Tori and Maddi. . .  even though they weren't so great. 

Oh P.S. if anyone sees a red nose, it belongs to my shawty,  Maddi. 

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  1. I hate when I lose my nose! But I also hate when I lose that other thing in the bathroom. I can't decide which one is worse. That was such a great night, I was real glad when those hot-tays wanted their pic with us! They must have felt real special.