Thursday, April 7, 2011

Happy Happy Birthday!!

Yesterday was the celebration of the birth of my best friend, Paige!! And boy did we celebrate!! Here's a couple hundred photos of our day and the bumpin partay we had haha.

Isn't she so pretty??

Paige and I went to lunch and then came home and she opened her present! Then we got all ready for a few friends to come over and play Just Dance 2 on the wii. SOOOO MUCH fun!!

Kierra and Ryken
Birthday girl and Kelsey. WOOOO GO KELSEY!!
Abby, Sam, Rob, and Cody just chillin and watching all the fun!

K I have to tell you about this guy in the checkered shirt. Paige and I had just met him earlier that day and it was SOOOO weird!! He heard us talking to our friend about her party that night and as we were leaving he was like,"well you guys can come to my birthday party tomorrow" and we were like,"oh it's your birthday tomorrow??" and then he said "No"
hahahahaha it was soooo weird and awkward so then we had to give him a pity invite after our long awkward silence and he showed up!!! But we were so glad he did because he gave us some good laughs with his singing and dancing. He was actually a really nice guy but it was just kinda funny. I felt bad because I think he felt a bit out of place with us haha. The quality is really bad and it's way better when you can see his facials but check out his AWESOME moves. . .

Brett and Kelli!

Derek and Rachel!!
Forrest and Paige. Nice face Forrest hahaha

Go Kelsey and Adam!!

She was sad because she missed 2 and we only had 18 candles haha
What was left of our cake!
Sam was loving the treats!! He got a huge belly from eating so much!! ;)
These boys know how to dance. Check this out. . .

We had such a blast that night! We played for almost 4 hours!! We couldn't stop! 
Thanks for being born Paige!! I love you!!


  1. hahahahahaha the story of the guy. what a weirdie

  2. yeah talk about a weirdie haha it was HILARIOUS. i was laughing so hard. thanks so much for doing all this kortney! we had a BLAST!!! I'm so glad i was born too! i love you the most.

  3. This is soo cute :) Your such a good friend Kort! You always have been and you always will be! I love you and I'm so glad Paige was born too :))