Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Wanna know something kinda dumb?? Sam and I haven't ever really celebrated his birthday on his actual birth date. It's really sad! Last year we had Senior Ball on his birthday and this year it was Sunday and we didn't really get to do anything. It makes me feel bad! And then he'll be gone for his next two! It just isn't fair to that boy!! We tried to celebrate on Friday (the 15th) and we had SUCH a good time!
I decided to start his day off with a little breakfast in bed. It was so fun to do that for him!!
(These are the only pictures I took that day unfortunately)
Then after class we drove down to St. George and did baptisms! It was so great. It was the first time we'd gone since Sam was endowed and he got to help confirm a few people! He loved it!
Then after we went home and got a little cleaned up we went on the best date! We ate dinner at Olive Garden and shared a yummy chicken alfredo pizza and yummy white chocolate raspberry cheesecake for desert! 
Then we went mini golfing at Fiesta Fun. We LOVE to go mini golfing! It's the best. I got a hole in one!! But we ended up having to leave early for our movie and we TIED! We're both quite the mini golfers :)
Then we went to the dollar theater (which is now the 2.50 theater . .  DUMB!!) and watched Just Go With It. So funny. We loved it! It was just the best night ever!!

I just remembered I hadn't posted about our other surprise for the week!! 
My cute, cute roomate Kelli (who is going to be my roomie next year! YAY!!!) and I decided to make a special dinner for our boyfriends!! We started off by cleaning out my ENTIRE room until there was only our little table and our mattresses left! We stuffed everything into our bathroom and covered it with my sheet haha it was so beautiful and not tacky at all. . .
Then before the boys came we put candles up everywhere, played some music, and poured drinks into our fancy pants glasses that we bought at the dollar store haha dinner was so yummy though!! And the boys loved it! We ate salad, mashed potatoes, and chicken! And we also had strawberry shortcake for desert! YUMMM!! 
 The boys were so cute and appreciative!! We sure are lucky girls to have found such nice and handsome young men!!
This was such a fun night and well worth all the work!! The best surprise was the next day when I left THE MESSIEST room in the world (because we pulled all the stuff out of the bathroom but didn't put it back together) and I came home to a perfectly put together room and a note from my cute boy. Isn't he the greatest?? My roomies said he was in there working on putting my room together for a very long time. He's just the best! I love it.
Sorry for such a long post! We just had a wonderful week last week!! 
Here's to another!

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  1. That's so cool that Sam got to help with the confirmations. This all looks so fun!

    p.s. Glee tonight!